Designs with Lachlan

design is built to function as an interaction; even if it’s a logo

crafting projects from the heart of your business

Telling great stories is about giving them a purpose and plans surrounding them

portrait + product photography

portraits tell stories and products help create stories and as a photographer, stories are what must be told

Sample for Longmont

Client: Regan Sample for Longmont City Council Ward 3 Proposed Completion Date: November 6th 2019 Fonts Used: Arvo, Futura PT Platforms: Ai, Id, Ps, Lr, Sp Regan Sample ’19 is a local [...]

Decor Colorado

Client: Decor Colorado Fonts Used: P22 Mackinic Pro Bold proposed: March 2019 IN PROGRESS With Decor, Colorado, based out of Longmont, Colorado, I was tasked with creating fresh new social media [...]

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