Portraits with Lachlan

A portrait is a piece of art.

A portrait is a new profile picture.

A portrait is a story.

A portrait is whatever you and the photographer make of it.

When I go out to work with my friends to shoot model photography, we often spend the day getting to know each other more. We keep our moods elevated by sharing fun stories from our lives. This is when I am able to get my models to give me some of the best work I’ve done with them.

Other times, we enjoy our evening sharing in spirits before getting started, loosening us both up for getting some sweet pictures. We get comfortable enough to focus on the task at hand of taking epic pictures. We realize that these photos are going to look great before we even take it to the editing bay.

It can be the little moments like these that help us get into the flow of photographer and model. Creating with each person in flow is one of the best mental states anyone can be in. The previous stress of “am I going to take a good picture…?!” has evaporated from any one of your thought pools.

Other times we are so focused on creating a selected vision that we get lost in our own work. Don’t let that happen and just keep fighting to create what popped into your head.

Stay creative and take some epic portraits.

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