Photos with Lachlan

Photography can make or break your creative vision. Styling photos through the years change, but that’s the journey.

creating the right image for the right person or product

There are many different ways to capture image, but here’s how Lachlan sees the world

portrait + product photography

portraits tell stories and products help create stories and as a photographer, stories are what must be told

Longtucky Sip + Pose

LONGTUCKY SIP + POSE The Longtucky Sip + Pose came from our continual sponsorship with Longtucky Spirits. While they’ve seen me do things such as event photography and some close up product [...]

Trinity Peter

TRINITY PETER An up and coming talent on the front range, Trinity has a certain power about herself I need no help describing as her looks do it perfectly for her defining her strength as a [...]

Beryl Durazo

BERYL DURAZO By far one of the strongest people I’ve ever shot with battling through life in an epic way just as she shows with these excellent portraits she helped me get across Colorado [...]

Sarah Becker

SARAH BECKER A budding model to both the scene and Instagram, Sarah has the diverse range of being able to feature many character styles in here variation of personalities shown on camera.

Product Sessions

Product Photography Session No. 1 Using a basic paper backdrop, we pulled some basic items that allowed us show some diversity within our product set.


Lach-Tober-Fest 2018 was a great success having over 50 people visit the studio with under a week of marketing allowing us to scale into doing more Studio Days in 2019. This event would not have [...]

Joshua Chen

Joshua Chen, an amazing client of mine who we shot website photos collectively for his upcoming website focusing on the job search industry.

Terry Christensen

TERRY CHRISTENSEN Terry, not only a great friend and mentor, but someone who has fantastic facial features showing off his wisdom in his eyes and smile. Updated edits coming soon!

Kat Dowen

Kat Dowen KD Modeling Model to the nines, Kat is one of our most exclusive and diverse models working anywhere from high fashion and boudoir to grunge and character themed. Dozens of shoots have [...]

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