Client: Decor Colorado

Fonts Used: P22 Mackinic Pro Bold

proposed: March 2019


With Decor, Colorado, based out of Longmont, Colorado, I was tasked with creating fresh new social media content using my expertise with promotion of brands that exist but are looking for some new ascetic changes to their current brand.

While some of the branding was completed, early in the process it was decided that it would be best to slowly usher the new graphic style completely as we ease users into their Home Staging service.

Using the Adobe Creative Suite we were able to find a font that functioned as the old brand prior to ushering in a new typography style.

From there we were able to build out a variation of iconography that would both utilize some of the current brand ascetics that would help keep the current user base on board instead of pushing something entirely new down their throats.

With each icon here we create environments that the Real Estate Clientele we pursued, interact with because they can quickly place themselves within the scene that has been created.

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