Client: Regan Sample for Longmont City Council Ward 3

Proposed Completion Date: November 6th 2019

Fonts Used: Arvo, Futura PT

Platforms: Ai, Id, Ps, Lr, Sp

Regan Sample ’19 is a local Longmont resident who is running for the Ward 3 seat in the 2019 Longmont City Council. Regan is a community man whom was driven to run for council by the love for his city.

Regan and I had discussed some of the needs of what he would need to have to run a successful campaign and we both had some excellent ideas to help the campaign trail run straight to his chair in November 2019. Here’s some of what we landed on:

  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Email Campaign System
  • Marketing Content

Upon learning further on what he would be representing as a candidate, we were able to build context for the content and how he wanted to ensure his content was perceived by the voting public.

As the brand content was created we went the direction of simple and bold.


This content form would allow us to impact the voting population in an efficient and effective fashion making it very clear as to what the goals of the Regan would be going into office.

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